june pmh

june pmh
5 Key Steps to teach your kids a foreign language by POMO Toast

1.Get started early Expose the foreign language to your children as soon as possible. When they are still at a young age, kids have the ability to register the sounds of any languages very quickly. So the best way of learning languages for children is to introduce them very early…

5 Smart Functions You Must Try with POMO Waffle

POMO waffle is full of smart and fun features. Here are 5 smart functions we would love to recommend you to try out as they are so beneficial to kids and parents. Let’s see what are those functions!! Translation One of the most important skills that kids should learn are…

How to use POMO Waffle like a Pro

Our POMO Waffle kids smartwatch is innovated to be used with kids in their daily life and there are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your product. So today POMO House has 5 easy tricks to use POMO Waffle like a Pro to prevent any defect…

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