Crowdfund this: Wearable Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns to keep an eye on
23 Nov 2016
Crowdfund this: Wearable Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns to keep an eye on

Kids wearables is becoming a bit of trend at the moment and the amazingly named Pomo Waffle smartwatch is promising to do more than keep an eye on your little ones when they go out to play.

It also wants to help users express creativity by letting them personalise the Waffle by adding different cartoon watch faces and switching up the Waffle bands.

There's also features to give kids more responsibility. Parents can build schedules in which reminders can be set to say when it's time for bed or having some fun. A smart wallet means they can even make purchases using QR codes and NFC chips.

It's not ignoring tracking features entirely of course offering step-by-step directions to get back home and an SOS mode that kids can activate to send location data to parents. You can then speak through the watch so you know what's up. Parents can also create a safe zone that will sound an alarm if they go beyond that designated area.

The colourful wrist worn device runs on Android 5.1, packs in an LCD touchscreen and is water and dust proof to withstand a little rough and tumble. Other features include exercise tracking, an alarm clock mode and there'll also be a Pomo store letting app developers add further features including handwriting practice.

Pomo House is hoping to raise $30,000 through its Kickstarter campaign and has already cleared just over $5,000 with plenty of time on the campaign left to run. If you want to get one, you'll need to pledge more than $99 with shipping expected for May 2017.


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