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A POMO Waffle Smart Watch that not only develops creativity and responsibility in kids, it also helps build up their independence.
I’ll be honest and just say that I don’t think children below the age of 16 should own any smart devices. Having unlimited access to that level of technology and information can be overwhelming, and unhealthy for any young developing mind.
With holiday season around the corner, SMART wearables make for a perfect holiday gift: fitness trackers for the serial marathon runner, headphones for music lover and smart watches for your kids ensuring their safety.
POMO WAFFLE is the first GPS smartwatch that is your kid’s friends and your co-parent. In times when organizing a kid’s day with safety can be a struggle, this smart watch is designed to be your kid’s little helper
POMO Waffle watch is completely customisable, allowing kids to express their personalities with over 15 cartoon designs to choose from.
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POMO Waffle smartwatch is designed to become a faithful companion that always stays on your kid’s wrist and helps him/her grow and keep them safe. Like the idea? Let’s keep checking.
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The kids watch 'Waffle' by POMO allows parents to build good behaviour, keep their children interacted with their parents
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CHATCHAI Tangchittrong’s Pomo House business was inspired by an idea that his wife, Supreeya, had during a family trip to Disneyland amusement park in Hong Kong, where there was a period of about 15 minutes when they had lost their kids.
By: The Nation
POMO House, a Thai-owned global family technology company, has joined Kickstarter to launch its fourth generation Kid’s smartwatch, the POMO Waffle.
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Kids wearables is becoming a bit of trend at the moment and the amazingly named Pomo Waffle smartwatch is promising to do more than keep an eye on your little ones when they go out to play.
Helicopter parents will soon have yet another way of keeping tabs on their children. The POMO Waffle smartwatch, which is now seeking backing on Kickstarter, will let parents keep track of their kids' whereabouts using GPS.
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Pomo House International, the leading brand of a child loss prevention smart watch and other innovative gadgets for modern family has successfully made a hit in SEA and is now expanding its brand to Europe, USA and LTA.

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